Rejuvenating and Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Face Products

Once your skin has been restored your results can be continued through the use of daily products. We use a physician-only prescription strength line of cosmoceuticals that have been specially engineered to provide superior results with minimal side effects. Our line of products treat the signs of aging at a cellular level to stimulate collagen growth, correct fine lines and blemishes, and prevent further damage of the skin. We have a combination of products tailored specifically to your skin's needs, and even the most sensitive skin types are able to use these products.

Body Products

At Nouveau Jeunesse we use a revolutionary body skin care line that can treat and reverse the sings of aging and damage with the use of daily home treatments and in office body peels. Using an AGP Complex derived from carrots and wine, and an antioxidant 500 times more powerful than vitamin E, the Body Revolution products promote significant cell growth and new cell turnover without irritation. A combination of home treatments and the Body Lift™ body peel are used together to transform your skin.

The Body Revolution™ Kit includes:

Body Clean™- A mildly exfoliating cleaner enriched with Shea butter to clean and sooth without drying out your skin.

Body Build™- A highly concentrated formula that stimulates cell turnover and reverses the signs of damage to restore a youthful glow.

Body Shape™- A firming lotion that helps tighten, smooth and repair your skin.

These treatments are followed up in our office with Body Lift™, an all-over body peel that will firm, tighten, brighten, and soften your body’s blemishes, discolorations and accumulated photo damage. This concentrated body peel even addresses mild dimpling, sagging and scarring.

So plan to pamper your body and make an appointment to discuss the Body Revolution™ products with one of our providers. Then schedule your first Body Lift™ body peel to start your transformation to healthy skin and a glowing body!