Combination Laser Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Rejuvenation at Nouveau Jeunesse

At Nouveau Jeunesse, we use the Sciton™ Contour TRL™ and Profactional™ Laser, the finest on the market. We feature MicroLaser Peels™, ProFractional™ Therapy, and deep laser resurfacing, as well as our own advanced treatments, utilizing combinations of FotoFacial™, MicroLaser Peel™ and ProFractional™ treatments. Dr. Mark Johnson has been trained by several of the most experienced leaders in the field. All our techniques are state of the art and performed by your medical provider, not a technician or aesthetician. Our laser treatments can be easily fine-tuned for individual skin conditions and for each patient's desired outcome and downtime expectations.

Maximize Your Results with State of the Art Combination Therapy

"Trois Celestes" Super Package—The "Heavenly Three" combines FotoFacial™, Deep Laser Resurfacing, and ProFractional™ Therapy all in one treatment for the Ultimate in Facial Rejuvenation! Provides significant improvement of deep facial wrinkles, focused attention to lines around the mouth and eyes, and reduces or eliminates accumulated sun damage.

"TRIFECTA"— The TRIFECTA combines full FotoFacial™, MicroLaser Peel™, and ProFractional™ Therapy. This gives maximal treatment of sun damage, wrinkles and skin resurfacing with minimal down time!

"Jeune Peau"—Our "Young Skin" treatment combines MicroLaser Peel™ and ProFractional™ Therapy for a youthful rejuvenation of your face. For some skin types, this is a very effective treatment for melasma as well.

"Cara Brillante"—The "Bright Face" treatment combines MicroLaser Peel™ and ProFractional™ Therapy with focal treatment of excessive pigment using BBL BroadBand Light™ phototherapy. This treatment can be an especially useful combination for treating resistant melasma in persons of Hispanic descent, as well as provide a wonderful facial rejuvenation for mild to moderate wrinkle with mild sun damage.

"South Bay Peel"—The "South Bay Peel" treatment combines FotoFacial™ and MicroLaser Peel™, and is a wonderful treatment for accummulated sun damage with mild wrinkles with minimal downtime.

"Antioxidant Laser Infusion"Laser Infusion with No Down Time! Take advantage of the MicroLaserPeel today with our NEW Laser antioxidant and collagen infusion treatment. This laser peel designed to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin instantly with no down time! This peel is combined with a post treatment facial mask enriched with growth factors and collagen to immediately refresh and hydrate your skin.

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