Dermal Fillers

Volume replacement defies gravity

Gravity and the changing structure of the face lead to the notable sagging jowls, deepening folds in the face, thinning lips, and unnatural lines under the eyes. The loss of facial volume (which occurs at the rate of 5 ml per year after age 40!) is the culprit which allows the effects of gravity to be observed. Volume loss is due to the absorption of the bony structures and fat and the breakdown of the collagen network of the face. Once this structure is broken down, the remaining tissues droop and sag.

Dermal fillers are used to augment the natural structure of your face to bring back the full and rounded look of your youth. Fillers are to treat hollowing in the face and temples, sagging of the brow, lines under the eyes, flattening of the cheeks, prominent nasolabial folds, deep lines around the mouth, thinning and flattening lips, and re-contouring of the chin and jaw line. Combining the use of dermal fillers with Botox allows the material to stay where it was placed to preserve your new youthful look. Advances in fillers have brought about unique materials that stimulate activation of your own natural collagen and produce a longer duration of results.

At Nouveau Jeunesse, we use a spectrum of fillers including:

  • Radiesse™
  • Juvederm Ultra™ and Ultra Plus™
  • Restylane™
  • Perlane™
  • Prevelle Silk™

At Nouveau Jeunesse, we recognize that the different fillers have different properties. Some fillers are better suited for some areas of the face but not for other areas. In order to allow the highly skilled medical providers to choose the product right for you and your face, we have a flat pricing system based on the number of syringes used, not the type of product. This mean you always get optimal results at a significant savings for you!!

The New "Vampire Lift" as seen on "The Doctors"

The latest in facial rejuvenation, a natural alternative to temporary fillers! Using the growth factor rich portion of your own plasma (PRP), this serum is injected into the face like filler to stimulate stem cells and collagen growth. During a single session the entire face can be treated to address the cheeks, under the eyes, nasal labial folds, lip lines, and chin. This will give a natural stimulation for volume to be restored in these areas over the following 6-8 weeks. Changes in collagen and dermal (skin) health and volume will continue to improve over months.

As an introductory offer we will be doing the full face treatment for less than the cost of a single syringe of dermal filler!

Call or come in today for a free consultation to see how the Vampire Facelift can work for you, and let us answer any questions you have about this revolutionary treatment that will naturally restore the youth of your face.