Nouveau Jeunesse -- Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine at its best!

Nouveau Jeunesse is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and highest level of care available. We believe only highly trained medical professionals should deliver and supervise your medical rejuvenation. ALL patient consultations at Nouveau Jeunesse are provided by one of the highly skilled medical staff. Furthermore, all injections and procedures offered are provided directly by a physician or nurse practitioner.

Cosmetic Surgery Services

We provide a number of surgical services at Nouveau Jeunesse. Our initial and still premier service is PureLipo™ BodySculpting, the best liposuction avialable anywhere! With the advanced training which Dr. Mark E. Johnson undertook, we began performing Brazilian Butt Lifts, a technique using fat transfer to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. When Dr. Johnson learned how to isolate Stem Cells from fat, it allowed the use of stem cell-augmented fat to be transferred to virtually any part of the body. The stem cells increase the viability of the fat, especially with our post-operative platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments, to such an extent that fat transfer is now our second most common procedure. Dr. Johnson was fortunate to receive training in fat transfer to the breast from the leading expert in this area, Dr. Roger Khouri. We now perform stem cell-augmented fat transfer to the breasts routinely, which we call BreastPure™, with excellent results. Dr. Johnson has also become an expert at the newest form of Facelift, where he uses the stem cell-augmented fat to rejuvenate every area of the face. This fat-transfer Face Lift gives superior results and is one of our most popular procedures.

Dr. Johnson also uses his advanced liposuction techniques to correct "Turkey Necks", where he combines the liposuction with a procedure to tighten the muscles of the neck under the chin, called platysmaplasty. We have extended our use of liposuction to include breast reduction liposculpture , an innovative technique for breast reduction and shaping pioneered by Dr. Marco Pelosi. It is also used to produce natural breast reconstruction following mastectomy, which Dr. Johnson learned from Dr. Khouri.

Dr. Johnson also performs limited breast lifts, which he usually combines with the stem cell-augmented fat transfer to the breasts to produce results with minimal scarring and a natural look and feel. Because of patient demand, Nouveau Jeunesse also provides surgical removal of excess arm skin (Brachioplasty) and excess skin of the labia minora (Labiaplasty). Our newest service uses the NeoGraft Hair Transplant System, the newest hair transplant technology, which is scarless, efficient, and less invasive than other techniques currently used. We are also the only providers of the G-Shot™, which augments the G-spot and helps augment female orgasm.

Non-Surgical Services

As a medical aesthetic facility, we of course offer Botox™ and Fillers, with which we have acquired extraordinary expertise. One of our most popular services is hair removal, for which we use light energy instead of laser. This gives great results without the pain of lasers and at a fraction of the price.

Nouveau Jeunesse offers a variety of Laser Services, including MicroLaserPeel™ superficial skin resurfacing, ProFractional™ fractional erbium laser rejuvenation, and deep skin resurfacing and rejuvenation than available anywhere a skilled laser physician does not perform the resurfacing. We also offer the only true FotoFacial™ treatment in Eastern Washington, which Dr. Johnson learned directly from its inventor Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr. This process removes brown spots, age spots, redness and improves rosacea and acne. It can be used on any part of the body, which is called FotoBody™ Treatment. Using combined laser treatments, we have produced incredible skin rejuvenation, reduction or elimination of wrinkles, and treatment of scars.

Cellulite and loose skin are common problems for many patients and can be difficult to treat, but we achieve excellent results without surgery using Synergie™ Cellulite Treatments and SkinTyte™ treatments.At Nouveau Jeunesse, we are also experts at treating spider veins. Nouveau jeunesse is also the only provider of IV detox and antioxidant therapy

Because skin rejuvenation is such an important aspect of aesthetic medicine, we offer expertise using chemical peels and using medical/anti-aging facials. One of our newest treatments combines a light laser treatment with antioxidant and collagen facials. We carry only the finest skin care products and mineral makeup , Latisse for longer eyelashes, and our aestheticians can provide you knowledgeable, personalized consultations at your convenience. We also offer unsurpassed results in providing permanent makeup services.